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Driving the Bottom line for Nurofen

The Challenge

RB are moving from a traditional advertising-led marketing model to one that centres around brand experience. As a data-driven company, RB needed to prove the impact of the entire brand experience and specific elements within it versus the advertising activities that currently get the lion’s share of marketing spend.

Our visionary thinking

The team (consisting of RB, Rufus Leonard and Bottom-line Analytics) created the Brand Experience Index methodology that allowed us to show the impact of Brand Experience (holistically and via individual touchpoints) on purchase intent and therefore incremental revenue.

The Results

BLA’s predictive modelling tools showed that optimising Nurofen’s BX would be expected to deliver £23m incremental revenue. As a result of these budget is being reallocated from traditional advertising to 3 areas (Health care professional comms, digital experience and product experience). The success of the pilot has meant that the methodology is now being rolled out across RB’s global power brands.