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Strategic Pricing Analytics

Find your products’ optimal price to drive profit growth.

Strategic Pricing Analytics

Stop profit-eating mistakes: find the price that works for both you and your customers

Pricing Analytics finds what customers are responding to and balances customer demand and profit to determine your optimal prices. Setting the right prices for your brand/portfolio is crucial to ensure future profit growth.

Pricing services built to deliver maximum return

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Pricing Research & Sensitivity Analysis

We use proven survey-based techniques to determine customer demand at various price points, giving you actionable insights on price sensitivity and opportunities to profit.

Product-SKU-level Price Optimisation

Managing prices across a multitude of brands isn’t easy: our econometric models use historic product pricing, your own sales, and competitor data to adjust and optimise prices for profit growth.

Data-Driven Pricing Strategies

The opportunities for bottom line growth aren’t always clear. Our pricing modelling finds the route to success through one of many pricing strategies – including price discrimination, surge/dynamic pricing, bundle pricing, premium pricing.